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Reeling Machine

The main function of the reeling machine is to coil the sail of the Genoa on itself, and to unroll it when it is necessary.

Most of the reeling machines consist of a rotary drum in which an end chatters. Applying tension to the end, the drum turns in the sense of coiled or unrolled, folding over or opening the sail of the jib respectively. 
 Some reeling machines work with small electrical or hydraulic engines. This type of reeling machines are used generally for big sails.

It has to be born in mind the dimensions of the sail of jib that it is about to manipulate. The drum of the reeling machine has to be capable of lodging the end that allows to drive the mechanism. For big sails it is necessary to consider the possibility of using electrical or hydraulic reeling machines. In such a case, it will have to consider also the potency of the engine or the hydraulic system.

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