Shade Nets

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Shade Nets

The NETS are parts of fabric perforated by a computer plotter or cutting, producing a regular pattern of openings. This finish allows the passage of the wind, offering minimal resistance to it.

This system is a guarantee of safety when shading areas, as it is not affected by heavy rain or snow loads.

This semi open shade provides an effect of plant cover. It generates shadowed areas at the same time that it allows the partial passing of light.

Spaces are covered in a very natural way, remembering comfort in the shade of the trees.

Depending on the desired shade the openings can be wider or narrower.

Its installation is simple with light anchors, rings or flanges. In case of large spaces we can design a tailor made project with tensioned cables and different accessories.

For diaphanous spaces larger than 200m ² diaphanous the cover shall be made by bonding several standardized nets or through specially tailor made pieces of fabric.