Telescopic arms

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Telescopic arms

The awnings of articulated and telescopic arms offer multiple advantages and allow to enjoy the shade of our patio or garden. They are characterized for being anchored to wall or roof. The articulated and telescopic arms project the textile towards the exterior in constant shape and keeping it tightened all the way.

Thanks to the telescopic arms you can pull outthis awning up to 5 m with entire safety, which allows to cover enormous shade surfaces of up to 90 m2. The awnings of articulated and telescopic arms are made individually and offer an endless number of possibilities.

The continuous quality controls and the use of textiles of the best brands with the highest filter of solar protection UV guarantee the maximum safety and functionality. Select between more than 400 designs of cloth and different combinations of colors. According to the model and the level of wished comfort, the awning can be driven manually by means of a crank or with an engine optionally, across a remote control or solar/wind detectors.